Thursday, 24 May 2012

What I want to see at E3 2012

Photobucket The biggest, sweatiest gaming convention on the planet is just around the corner, and I wouldn’t be worth my extra strong blogging salt if I didn’t spray my opinions about it before it launches on June 5. Yes, E3 will be crashing into the Los Angeles Convention Centre in just under two weeks and it could prove to be a very exciting event.

Being the alleged launch year of the Wii U, Nintendo would be missing the biggest trick in the book by not bringing it up. I imagine we’ll see the close to final designs for the console and tablet-esque pad, as well as getting a glimpse at a few of the Wii U’s launch titles. I would hope for a new F-Zero, Star Fox or Zelda to be announced but would most likely be disappointed, especially if the list of launch titles supposedly leaked by Blockbuster is anywhere near accurate.

With the Wii U on the horizon it is very likely that eyes and ears will also drift towards Microsoft and Sony for new console news with equal measures of anticipation and trepidation. Anticidation sounds like a good made-up word to describe the feeling. There have been numerous rumblings about the new consoles, what specs they might have and even the form of media they will use to play games. If either company is to draw and show a new console at this year’s E3, I’d put my new hat on Microsoft being the company to shoot first. The majority of the speculation and inaccurate closed door mumbling regarding new consoles has focussed around the next Xbox, so I imagine it is closer to the surface than another PlayStation.

My gut gets warm and fuzzy when I start to think about the possible game reveals at E3 2012. The new Splinter Cell is at the top of my list as I really loved Conviction and just want more of the same, maybe with a touch more stealth siphoned in. As for other games a really want, I think I would actually send Rare a thank you note and muffins if they announced a platform-focussed sequel to Banjo Kazooie. If not that then another Perfect Dark title will make me equally as happy. I strongly imagine this won't happen though. It’s a shame to see two great game series just left to rot.

Lastly, there’s the long list of games that have already been revealed but could do with a lot more fleshing out in terms of what we know about them. I’d like a bit more evidence that Hitman Absolution can be played with a level of sneakiness that will satisfy long term fans. Heart of the Swarm is also well overdue for a little more light to be shed on it. As an expansion pack to 2010’s StarCraft II, Blizzard sure are taking their time with it. I would love to see more of Borderlands 2 as well because it might just be my game of the year if it is anywhere near as good as the original.

Whatever happens, 2012 and 2013 look to be very excellent years for gaming. I just hope the teasers and tasters we are served in June live up to the hype bubble currently growing in my brain. I’d hate to have it popped.

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