Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Player One ReStart

Player One Upgrade may have been a more appropriate title, or maybe I could have made a joke about levelling up? Oh well, it’s done now. Player One Start has received its first ever major facelift since birth. It wasn’t that I thought my baby had grown especially hideous with age, I just thought I’d dress him up to look a bit more up-to-date and approachable.

The upgrade still isn’t finished mind you. I’m going to dig up all of my game reviews and set up an archive full of links to where they live on Critical Gamer. I’m also considering the possibility of inflicting a video blog upon the world as well, although that won’t be for a little while.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank your excellent self for coming to this blog and dragging your eyes along the lines of text I spray everywhere. I really appreciate your presence here and hope to repay it with more insights, ramblings and word arrangements over the next year.

And what a year it’s already shaping up to be! March could be a lost month to be honest, with SSX rearing its head March 2, Mass Effect 3 appearing March 9 and Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai on March 23. That’s a lot of time to potentially lose to the machines; awesome.

P.S. I didn’t know how to illustrate this post so I took a picture of a plush headcrab eating a teddy bear. Enjoy.


Wembot said...

You could have at least moved the remote before you took the picture :P :O Or does it have some sort of subliminal message?!

You blogs always put a smile on my face and make me giggle. Thank you for all your hard work, wit and time that you dedicate to us with your talented 'word arrangements' that you 'spray all over the page'

I hope that we can continue to watch your baby bloglet grow over many more years and am looking forward to the possibility of a video blog from you. ^^

Wembot said...

P.S I like how the headcrab kind of blends in with the new facelift of your blog banner, stripe n' all :D

Anthony said...

Thank you for the very kind words. And yes, the remote probably has hidden meaning, but it will always stay that way...