Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Skyward Sword needs sharpening

Working through the pile of Christmas games is quite fun, and almost makes the delay on acquiring all major release from October onwards worthwhile. I hit somewhat of a brick wall this year however, with Skyrim, Arkham City and Skyward Sword falling out of my Christmas tree. Where do you begin with a mouth-watering digital buffet like that?

I managed to have a quick sample of each on Christmas Day and then carefully allocated my time between the gripping games on Boxing Day. I was completely swept away by Arkham City and Skyrim, but I found Skyward Sword to be utterly dull and uninspiring.

How can that be? It’s a Zelda game for goodness sake. Having such thoughts made me feel like a heretic. It was almost on par with defecating into a Bible and mashing the pages together. Not liking a Zelda game is just wrong.

It wasn’t until I had completed Arkham City and that my computer broke that I finally decided to give Skyward Sword another whirl. I’m very glad I did because I can finally see that it is a brilliant game. But what caused my initial upset?

The first 90 minutes of Link’s latest adventure are easily the worst opening sections of any Zelda title. It failed to suck me in and I found it incredibly boring. There was nothing to get excited about. You are basically just guiding a young boy around an island looking for his lost bird that the school bully nicked. No monsters, no magical peril, just a mundane task that made me feel as heroic as a shelf stacker at Tescos.

Nintendo really messed up as far as I’m concerned, especially when the game was released amongst such gripping and immersive titles like Skyrim and Arkham City. These lowered you into each game world with exciting scene setters and plenty of flashy violence. Not a drawn out quest for a lost pet.

I’m glad I am over that tutorial hump. If my computer behaved over the festive period then I still might not have sampled the delights that Skyward Sword holds after its initial cock up. My PC is once again functional now though. How the heck am I meant to juggle two epic adventure games? Not to mention that Deadshot and the Riddler are still loose in Arkham City…

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