Wednesday, 4 January 2012

(Mostly) Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I can only hope that you all have had more luck than me so far this year, and that your Christmas was lovely and gamey. I could very easily have gone on about how great Skyrim is, seeing as I finally got to play it over Christmas, only I have been struck down by the one major drawback of PC gaming. My computer is out of action.

It’s really frustrating being a PC gamer at times. People will moan about poor console ports or not getting great games like Red Dead Redemption on our monolithic desk towers of computing power, but the PC’s temperamental nature is by far the biggest source of frustration.

I first knew something was wrong as I was playing Skyrim. I’m not a massive computer expert, but I think I had good reason to panic when I discovered that dripping noise wasn’t coming from the game, but from within my computer case. Fortunately there was not a puddle of coolant busily breaking my graphics card, but the pump in the cooler that keeps my CPU alive has failed. Not the biggest disaster in the world, but it still knocks my PC out of action until I get it replaced.

At least this gives me an excuse to step away from Skyrim and try some of my other Christmas games. I’ve logged about 16 hours in the latest Elder Scrolls title that has completely sucked me into its amazing world of dragons and bandits. As with my previous adventures into RPG titles, I’ve decided to be a massive bastard wherever possible. I’m finding this slightly harder in Skyrim as most decisions seem to be a neutral grey, rather than the Mass Effect style obvious black and white options.

So far I’ve resorted to pickpocketing everyone I meet, but hope to graduate to random acts of aggression soon. Well, I say soon. I will definitely jump right back into the game as soon as I receive the new cooling component for my computer’s brain.

So yeah, Happy New Year. May 2012 not bring random destruction to your home consoles, PCs or other consumer electronics.


Stephen Kelly said...

That's a shame about the cooler-- uncool, even! Oh, the amusing havoc I wreak with words. I'm thinking about upgrading my video card, but not because coolant is eating it alive; rather, I worry how Skyrim will run on the aging device.

But hey, the 360 version is enough for me. Although I followed a similar path of lawlessness in Morrowind, I've become a respected noble in Skyrim and can't be seen picking pockets and such nonsense. I kind of miss being a thieving social outcast.

djmegavolt said...

Really sorry to hear of your noises of impending doom from you computer.
Having been on the receiving end of the resulting bill from one of my older monolithic creations leaking its cooler juice all over my mobo and CPU, I am just really glad to hear that you caught it early.
Good Luck for the rest of the year and your future adventures in the rim :)

Anthony said...

Skyrim is actually not that unreasonable PC specs wise. I guess it depends how aged your aging device is.

Thank you for the kind words reguarding my problem. New cooler is in place and appears to be working. It's not making dripping noises anyway.

Think I'm going to go on a smithing spree when I'm next in Skyrim. My armour so far has just been a random patchwork looted from corpses. I've got plenty of wolf skins to rub into leather and a few iron ingots kicking around. That should be a few iron daggers at least.