Thursday, 17 March 2011

Enemies that aren't fun - Dead Space 2

I was going to write a different blog today, but sheer anger and sock chewing anger has prompted me to write this one instead. I have been raging like a tiger blood fuelled Charlie Sheen over the final chapters of Dead Space 2. I won’t drop any spoilers mind, not unless you are really sensitive to frustrating enemies that pop out of nowhere with very little explanation and the stubbornness of a toilet stain after chilli and beer night.

For the most part I loved Dead Space 2. It was fun, seemed a bit different, and whilst the scares became predictable after 20 minutes, it was enough to establish the desired atmosphere. It was frustrating then that the last 40 minutes or so were spoiled by this undesirable cretin.

Whoever it was that thought it would be fun to have a regenerating, invincible, bipedal cockroach monster chase you through the last two chapters of the game needs to be pushed down some stairs – metaphorically of course.

Whilst it does put pressure on the player to keep moving and up the challenge, it’s just frustrating when you’re in a room that requires puzzles to be solved. It means that every time you need to do something you run to one side of the room, wait for the ugly menace to toddle over to you right before mutilating his limbs and putting him in stasis so you can attempt to figure out what you need to.

The real kicker though was putting him in a room where there is a save point. Considering the save game panel has a two to three second animation that opens up a menu during which time you are helpless to do anything, it just seems mean to put a flesh hungry, unkillable monster in the room with it. I was in a foul mood over this creature and it wouldn’t even let me save my game so that I could walk away and clear my head.

In a game where ammo conservation is a real issue, putting a creature in the middle of it that just acts as a frustrating bullet/buzz saw/javelin sponge seems like bad game design.

Anyway, after a few attempts I finally slipped passed it and finished the game, but the really sad thing is that I’m glad that it’s all over. That last part felt like a real slog, and more of a chore than a fun, joyful gaming experience. Maybe it was the mood I was in at the time, but even if it was, it’s the games fault for putting me in that place.

Ah well, Crysis 2 next week. Yay.

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YellerBelly said...

I was having a jolly good time with Dead Space 2 until a seemingly endless torrent of free games and accessories to review stopped me. You think you've got a hard life, people? Think again.

Despite playing it on Zealot, I've found that it's generally fairly easy to progress - though I think I'm only about halfway through the game so far. Not looking forward to these last two chapters now. Talk about disincentivising people to play...