Wednesday, 16 February 2011

"One of the best games ever" gets a reboot

Teasing us like a fine Las Vegas stripper covered in Mini Cheddars, Official Xbox Magazine has mentioned on its ‘Next Month’ page that “One of the best games ever made is reborn on 360”, with details supposedly in the next issue. The wonderful world of publisher deadlines however has meant that this intriguing reveal is put on hold, with OXM editor Jon Hicks stating the big reveal “is very unlikely to appear in the magazine for the foreseeable future”.

The CVG comment forum started to light up with speculation as to what series might be getting rejuvenated, rattling off titles like a house losing masonry in an earthquake. It wasn’t long before Mr Hick’s shed some interesting light in a follow up story, mentioning that the mystery title had already been guessed correctly by one of the bees in the comment swarm – and that the game isn’t the Halo Combat Evolved remake.

So, the long list of possibilities that this mysterious rebirth could be is as follows. Deep breath now. The game could be: Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, Elite, Knights of the Old Republic, Rainbow 6, SWAT, Jade Empire, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy VII, Q*bert HD, Counter-Strike, Theme Hospital, Blinx, X-Com, Syndicate, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Perfect Dark, GoldenEye, Battlefront or Sim City.

From that list (helpfully composed and shamelessly nicked from forum user ‘Slick Loose’) I think we can rule X-Com out for starters, having already been announced with game footage. I’m also not convinced that we’ll see another GoldenEye reboot seeing as the Wii got that treatment late last year.

The immediate buzz was for Rainbow 6, with the ‘Next Month’ page teaser image being of a floor plan that looks vaguely reminiscent of the game’s maps. The other running theory based off of the image was that Syndicate could be a likely contender, seeing as the box art for that game is very similar to the teaser pic, only green.

Personally I’d love to see a properly executed Perfect Dark sequel, or a new Star Wars: Battlefront game. Final Fantasy VII remade sounds nice in my head, although perhaps that one is best left planted in the beautiful and tranquil meadow of nostalgia – it doesn’t need digging up. Having said that the promise of “One of the best games ever made” is often applied as a tag line for the seventh entry in the Final Fantasy series. It was also pointed out by another user that the teaser image could be the Shinra building hall map.

Could it be a new Counter-Strike to update the aging but still ever so popular shooter? A new Theme Hospital would certainly get me hot under the stethoscope, not to mention the tingling sensation in my mind when thinking of skin tight rubber suits (Metal Gear, obviously).

Whatever it is you can colour me a pink shade of excited, for the time being at least. By the sounds of it we have to wait until April to find out whatever it is, if not longer. A lot of rebirths and sequels happening lately though - wouldn’t it be nice for a few more original “triple-A” titles?

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