Friday, 15 October 2010

Post Eurogamer reflection

It’s nice to see that over the course of three years, I still have the hang of this regular blog thing. I’ve been quite busy post Eurogamer, writing up a lot of previews for the stuff I encountered there. It didn’t help that my computer decided to eat the second power supply I fed it within a month delaying said write ups, but I’m fairly sure nobody really cares about that.

Anyway, my experience at Eurogamer was largely a pleasant one, full of many awesome games played including Gears of War 3, Crysis 2, GT5 and Bulletstorm. The interview with Yuji Naka went really well too, despite feeling slightly awkward in a room with three PR people sitting in on the conversation being conducted through Mr Naka’s translator. I definitely haven’t been put off the idea of going to another games expo anyway.

In terms of expectations being met, on the games side of things I was fairly satisfied. Numerous pictures online of what I understood to be expos featured people in often hilarious, home made costume that I was looking forward to experiencing first hand. Of course on the occasion that I get to a games expo, it was a bit like going on a safari and only seeing a single lion that is so close to the brink of death, it couldn’t run away scared at the sound of the engine. I saw a grand total of one Lara Croft in attendance, and she was a lot shorter than you would expect. Also, her carrying two holstered toy guns around London didn’t strike as the smartest thing in the world, but ah well.

This is just a quick update to assure loyal readers (both of you) that I survived Eurogamer and am still capable of stringing sentences together. Now, please stay tuned for some actual content coming in the near future.

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Vixiecell said...

Hey!, I'm not that short :P