Monday, 23 August 2010

I don't care what you say, I like it

Having just come back from holiday, I was going to regale you all in a fantastic tale about unexplained absences and gaming abroad. Instead I came back to what seemed to be an odd mix of critics either hatefully spitting or gleefully licking the experience of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

This game appears to be some form of explosive Marmite, with the love it or hate it mechanic shining through the internet. It gives the game an annoyingly misty Metacritic score because it has almost as much praise as it has damning. Having enjoyed the demo and hated the first game, I decided this was a day one purchase just to see what the almighty guff was all about.

I can honestly say that I like it. Okay, it’s a slightly average shooter that’s too short with a liberal sprinkling of glitches and a plot that ends in completely the wrong place. It’s definitely functional though and a hell of a lot better than the craptastic heap the first game was pressed together from.

I must admit that I find it quite irresponsible and just a bad thing to do to award this game one out of ten, like Destructoid decided to. Okay, it is nowhere near perfect and you can pick it to ribbons if you like, but even then it is definitely not worth that much of a dismissal.

Perhaps I found it more fun because I played it through on co-op with a mate, but I really found it to be genuinely enjoyable. I felt that it missed some of the more innovative ideas for levels that the first game pulled off, as mentioned in the Destructoid review, but from a gameplay experience it is a million times more playable.

A one out of ten score, pitching it as “the lowest of the low” is horribly misleading. Seriously, has the writer ever played the joys of Ninjabread Man? That terrible turd smudge of pixels and unhappiness deserved every one out of ten (and lack of review) it got. Kane & Lynch 2 would still be better than that game if it contained subliminal messages encouraging you to evacuate your bowels onto your hands and finger paint “10/10” all over the walls of your living room.

I know this post can be boiled and evaporated down to the salty remains of “I disagree with X reviewer” but in this case it has particularly wound me up. Destructoid prides itself on ‘brutally honest game reviews’ but I fail to see how this is honest. It’s brutal sure, but I feel the review possibly ran away with how fun it is to be a bastard. Even reading the review, the one out of ten rating comes as a shock at the end. Okay, the article doesn’t beam sunshine out of a whole created by a thousand children smiling, but the rating at the end seems like it went straight for the jugular at the conclusion of a thumb war.

I really enjoyed Kane & Lynch 2. It has an interesting presentation with gunplay that feels fun and gritty. If you liked the demo, then you know what to expect. Not a perfect gem essential to all collections, but it certainly isn’t the steaming pile of fail that some reviews are claiming it to be.

It also has a fantastic level played in the nude that definitely tops Metal Gear Solid 2’s adventure into the naked protagonist experience.


jen/haly said...

I nearly bought Ninjabread Man simply because the name sounded awesome. Fortunately I resisted.

Anthony said...

That's why I got it. It had so much potential from the name alone, but what it turned out to be was almost enough to make me cry. That day I learned for the 15th time not judge things by their cover.