Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Nintendo at E3 - restorers of faith

For me, Nintendo has been dragging its face through the mud during previous E3s, even though in reality, the company has made more money than I can imagine in the last few years. Judging from the rumours leading up to Ninty’s press conference however, it made me really excited about what could be around the corner.

Nintendo has managed to kick the door off of the excitement centre in my brain and thrown in an awesome grenade with some fantastic sounding products for the future that were kept under wraps. Microsoft take note, E3 is when you spring cool, unknown surprises on the world. Maybe it’s just too hard to keep secrets these days, but that’s for another blog.

Saving their absolutely massive gun of superness ‘til the end, I’ve got to say that the 3DS reveal was the high point in a conference that had so many peaks. Okay, it’s another handheld that the company seems addicted to producing these days, but this one has some drastically different specs, and will specialise in the third dimension, as we already know.

What nobody would have been able to predict however, was the awesome game line up that third party developers have laid out. It seems like a buffet filled with lobster, fillet steak and £50 notes. Some of the prime picks include Metal Gear Solid, Saints Row and a new Resident Evil, not to mention Nintendo’s own Kid Icarus making a comeback, all designed for the handheld, all utilising 3D. How awesome is that?

The device itself has a slightly wider screen on its upper panel and an analogue stick above the D-Pad, but the rest looks familiar. More news on these should be spilling out soon as conference attendees were given a quick fiddle with it.

The other stuff that we were half expecting and hoping for is also a fairly decent display. Nintendo’s conference started with another big gun from the arsenal that made me very happy, but it wasn’t exactly a secret being revealed. Zelda: Skyward Sword was announced and Nintendo gave us a lot more information than that one piece of concept art we have all been clinging onto for a year or so now.

It looks as if the sword play has been reworked to more accurately reflect your movements, with the motion plus letting you choose which direction you swing your sword in. We also get a bow which uses similar archery techniques to those used in Wii Sports Resort and a whip that can be used to pick up items. Neat!

Other highlights from the conference include a new 2D Donkey Kong game that tickles fond SNES memories, as well as Kirby Wii and a look at the super cool remake of GoldenEye. I’m not sure about the swapping of Pierce Brosnan for Daniel Craig but the game itself definitely looks good at the moment.

There were more bits about Nintendogs and Just Dance, but I real feel that this conference had its eyes set on regaining the love from a community that felt slightly abandoned. Nintendo hit the nail on the head with this simply amazing show of force. It made Microsoft’s conference look like a press gathering for the launch of a new cleaning spray that somehow made things dirtier.

Bloody good show Nintendo. I’ve been waiting three years to say that. You have really pulled it back for me. I might even take my Wii back out of its box in celebration. I’ll tell you one thing; Sony has quite the mountain to climb if it wants to out do Nintendo in the platform conference department.

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