Friday, 25 June 2010

A good reason to love or hate Steam

I am a sucker for special offers, whether it is buy one get one free on biscuits, suspiciously low priced alcohol at the front counter of my corner shop or games that are pretty much being given away. Steam has provided us with a scarily fast and easy way to buy hundreds of different PC titles, and they have just gone and made me reconsider my carefully thought out budgeting for the month. They’re doing another insane sale through to July 4.

I don’t know how Valve does it, but they always seem to pick just the wrong moment to suddenly hold a sale and convince major publishers to slash the prices of everything. Not that there is ever a right moment, because you look at all of the great deals, which probably save you hundreds of pounds, but you still end up spending an amount that would go a long way to building an orphanage.

For example, the THQ complete pack for £26.49 includes: (deep breath) all of the Red Faction games, Dawn of War 2, its expansion, and two previous titles from the series, Metro 2033, both Full Spectrum Warriors, three Company of Heroes games, Frontlines: Fuel of War, Juiced 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Saints Row 2, Titan Quest and World of Zoo. This is such a ridiculous deal that simply writing that sentence was enough to make me sweat blood with excitement. I’m really tempted by it, despite owning over half of those games already.

Not to mention the other gems available including the Valve complete pack (which was already a freakin’ steal) for £35.50. Seriously, if you were looking for an opportunity to flex the muscles of a new computer, or you are just getting into PC gaming, now is the time to strike whilst the iron is hotter than an oven on the highest setting in a volcano directly under the sun.

One thing to note though is that a fresh set of deals appears every 24 hours, so instead of rushing in like a mad man and throwing e-money at just about everything, it might be worth holding on with the off chance that a game you’ve had your eye on becomes a bargain. The amount of comical rage I have already seen online from people buying games the day before the insane discount kicked in is slightly harrowing. Do not become another victim.

This has probably come off sounding like a complete advertorial for the Steam sale, which I’ll be honest, it really is, but I just thought it was worth spreading the word. E3 gave us plenty to look forward to in the future, but instead of cradling yourself in the corner waiting for the 3DS, how about looking back at some of the current greats?

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