Thursday, 20 May 2010

Better late than never, right?

It’s been a fun ride that probably took me too long to get here, but hey, I’m still happy with my 100th blog mile stone. I realise there is a bit of an irony to marking the 100th blog with a blog that does not really contribute anything other than a bit of ego rubbing for myself, but I’ll just assume that it’s okay to do as 100 seems like a good number to mini-celebrate.

This blog has been trundling along for 21,744 hours(ish) now, starting off as a project that was updated like clockwork on a Wednesday, to something a lot more sporadic, randomly springing back to life to deliver an insightful pellet of information to the front of your mind; a bit like a defective BB gun.

A lot has happened in the world of games over the life span of this blog. Unfortunately, the release of Half-life 2: Episode 3 hasn’t been one of them, but on the other side of the coin, the same company has brought us Left 4 Dead and a fully fledged sequel in that time. Team Fortress 2 has also seen the introduction of hats and numerous new weapons since I started bashing my fingers against the keyboard to edit my inner ramblings into legible jargon.

Model citizen simulator and sandbox city romper Grand Theft Auto IV also saw its release in this blog’s life, unfortunately failing to captivate me for as long as its predecessors did. At least they finally managed to crowbar in a slightly remodelled combat system that let you take on aggressors instead of always targeting innocent bystanders first.

I could continue to list things that have happened in the last two and a bit years but that would be as boring and futile as watching the sea dry out. Besides, I suppose this post is mainly filler for my enjoyment, but I needed to post something with a bit more substance than ‘100 posts, yay’. Having said that, I guess that is the message that I’m trying to get across, only I’ve managed it in 363 words. Please look forward to more actual content in the future.

100 posts, yay.


djmegavolt said...

CONGRATULATIONS, it’s truly no mean feat to maintain any kind of blog, but to keep the standard such as yours, I think is a true achievement. I don’t find much time to read computer magazines any more, and I use to read as many as four or five a week. Few sites I visit I would actually consider worthy of making it onto my shortcut bar, but yours is in there, and your blog takes me back to the style of writing I so very much enjoyed from the old school mags that I would read with the same kind of passion as the writers who wrote it. That was back when my spare time was plentiful and my pockets were always full of spare cash for such activities. Sadly in my humble opinion, very few magazines cost pocket change or glow with same true enthusiasm that is held captive in each and every post you have made, and I am sure you have yet to make. So with that I must insist on raising a glass to toast the next hundred and much beyond.

~Oh, and thank you for an excellent read.
”here’s to many more!”

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm not sure I can top the comment above, so let me just briefly say that I'm as always looking forward to your next post, and 99 more after that. But after that I'm done :P

Anthony said...

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement guys. I only hope I can keep you entertained forever more :p