Thursday, 28 January 2010

Somehow I managed to be a nice bad guy

As I said earlier this month, I’m trying to be evil on my first play through of the original Mass Effect, just because I am nice in all other games. I thought I was doing really well, until I realised that I was using my evil for good.

Whilst running around, being deliberately brief with everyone and blaming them for whatever just went wrong, I have also found myself pandering to their every whim. If they said jump, I would give a callous response to the tone of ‘up yours’, before giving an eager hop and asking for another order.

For example, whilst wandering around a space station I came across a fellow who was down on his luck as the military would not release his dead wife’s corpse, thus denying her a proper funeral. I probably said something like, ‘she had it coming to her’ and thought that was the evil thing to do.

Somehow though I still managed to find the guy responsible, who to his credit had a fairly good reason for not releasing her body, and then I pushed him up against the wall, demanding he give the corpse back to the grieving husband. Whilst trying to be the meanest guy ever, I still managed to do the morally right thing.

What I should have done would be to tell the husband an outright ‘no’, before going to retrieve the corpse for myself, attaching strings to each limb, and then making it dance around in a rather morbid puppet show for all to see. Unfortunately the dialogue options were slightly restrictive for a response like this.

It is clearly against my gamer nature to be evil. Whilst being unpleasant to everyone, calling them names behind their back and trying not to be helpful, I would still end up cooking them all a roast dinner somehow, not entirely understanding how or why it happened.

I’m determined to not be good in Mass Effect, I want to see what happens when you push evil to the limits. I guess I should just run through crowds screaming at the top of my lungs in the future, in a vain attempt to avoid agreeing to do things for people. That’s certainly not the good guy mentality, but it hardly shouts ‘evil genius’ either.

Update: Well, looks like I've managed to balance this out with a spot of acid assisted genocide of an alien species. Go me!

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