Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Merry 2010

Slowly and sometimes painfully un-flexing my thumbs from their hunched over nub fumbling pose they are locked in to, fresh from a Christmas gaming marathon is starting to become a bit of a scary tradition. It’s a bit like my hands groaning that they have to go back to their real job, only the commute is a lot easier and they don’t have the same level of responsibility as their host does.

Christmas is the time for family, food, drinking and very often gamers who get to catch up on some of the titles they missed out on, or even get some new gaming toy to sink their coffee stained teeth in to. Personally I’ve been enjoying Arkham Asylum and Modern Warfare 2 (and its utterly pants storyline that makes as much sense as farmers freezing their cows for a steady supply of ice cream).

The time for wasting the days on games has now had to be curved slightly as another year rolls on and we all set optimistic goals for ourselves, hoping to out do our efforts from the previous 365 days. Of course there will still be plenty of time to play games, and what a line up that 2010 has in store for all of us sofa dwellers.

In a couple of days the highly raved about and absurdly mental witchy shoot-slasher, Bayonetta finally gets it European release. It seems a bit like a cross between Devil May Cry and a sweat induced nightmare that often accompanies the flu, but in a good way. Besides, I bet nobody can boast that they already have a game about a witch who has the swiss army equivalent of hair, which forms her snug body suit and can summon the most un-christmassy of demons.

We also have Splinter Cell Conviction slinking its way to us through sewer systems which has been looking brilliant ever since its re-emergence and ditching of the old ‘angry hobo’ theme. If it plays even half as good as we all hope it will then there will be many happy jigs to be jigged indeed.

I could go on listing games I am looking forward to like APB, MAG, Crysis 2, God of War 3, Alpha Protocol, Army of Two Two (or 40th Day, as the dev team realised the obvious hurdle they set up when it came to naming the sequel), but I’m sure you have read it all more times than you have had to stand in the rain.

Hopefully with the horrific beating the game delay fairy gave us all last year we should be seeing a pretty constant stream of good games in 2010, always having something just on the horizon causing our bowels to leak pure excitement.

Happy new year everyone. May your wishes come true, jobs stay secure and games be played.

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