Friday, 21 November 2008

Left 4 Dead

It is surprising how much time can be eaten up when you are mowing through hoards of zombies with an M16 as casually as if you were mowing a lawn. That is until one of the ‘special’ ones comes along and vomits in your eyes attracting hundreds more. I can’t really relate this to any lawn mowing experience unless you live with really horrible people.

I have been very heavily addicted to zombicidal slaughter fest Left 4 Dead ever since it came out Tuesday morning. The whole experience has left me with many emotions stirring around in my head and a smile that surgeons would have trouble removing.

The game is a fantastic blend of intense action, genuine panic and a sense of accomplishment every time you get away from the scenario alive.

To try and compare this game to an experience that a lot of people could relate to, I would have to say it is like going to your first heavy metal gig, drunken club night or being trafficked in a shipping container with 100 other people. Now imagine that all these people you are shoulder to shoulder with all hate you and are attacking you, as you cling optimistically to your mobile phone. Now imagine that your mobile phone is an assault rifle and you have a pretty good idea of what the game is like.

It makes stewarding at a football game with a crowed made up of nazi skinheads and LA street gangs look tame. If you get this game wrong, you are literally swarmed by so many ‘infected’ that even doing 360 degree sweeps of gun fire is not even enough to save you sometimes. It is truly like nothing I have experienced in a first person shooter.

Everything about this game is fun and Valve has exceeded expectations yet again, making a unique online first person shooter that will be fun for years to come.

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