Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A game of two halves (so one I suppose)

The beautiful game. To me, this is Metal Gear Solid 4. To those who have no problems showering with other men, it would probably be football, a game originally played with the stuffed innards of a pig.

Now, I like kicking dead things as much as the next guy, but televising it with international players representing national teams is getting a bit silly.

This all being said, I have recently been trying out FIFA, and I have to say, it isn’t half bad; more 51% good.

I prefer more of the over the top silliness of Mario Strikers: Charged, where setting the opposing goal keeper on fire and punching the defenders is allowed and encouraged.

The thing that I do not understand is why you would want to play a game that is based on a game that already takes itself far too seriously? I’m sure it is fun being able to play football on the TV screen and not risk breaking a leg or accidentally touching a friend in their special place, but where are the exaggerated differences that make games what they are!

It is not fun being told that the goal you just scored did not count, because you had the audacity to pass to a player who was smart enough to get behind the other team’s defenders. Why should the game stop because I nudged the ball outside a drawn box, wouldn’t a solid wall around the edge make it better?

You can not even argue that you are playing football as you would dream it, because if you honestly want to play all eleven positions, and randomly switch persona to the guy closest to the ball, then you clearly belong in Tescos as the world’s most efficient shelf stacker.

To make football games, virtual or real more interesting, at least add a multi-ball feature or pitfalls on the pitch.


Andy Davies said...

Football as a sport is a fantastic event to watch. The passion and the exitement it gives fans if your team does well is unbelievable.

Talking of football games, they are a computer simulation and are supposed to be as accurate as they can be. Much like games that involve wars and guns, which try to portray what it like to be a soldier.

However, at the end of the day, football is clearly still the greatest sport ever to be created!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big football fan too and all football fans want from their videogame is realism, which explains why licensing = success in the modern footie videogame - see Football Manager/FIFA. Your article made me think of Tecmo Bowl, which I've only heard about really, but the idea of a 'sillier' soccer game does sound good to me too.

Unknown said...

> To make football games, virtual or real more interesting, at least add a multi-ball feature or pitfalls on the pitch.

You know there's a new Blood Bowl in the making? It will probably suck and lack all the fun stuff like pogostick of doom and chainsaw loonies, but I'm a fan so I'll play it anyway