Thursday, 27 November 2008

Can I learn to love the boomstick?

In most games, everyone usually has their favourite weapon; their preferred tool for doing unspeakable things that in reality would give veterans nightmares, but in game give us big, twisted smiles.

On the other end of this stick however, is also the least preferred weapon. The thing that you would rather leave there, mounted in its convenient, but supposedly random position to rot whilst you try and tear things to pieces with your teeth.

For me this is generally the shotgun. I don’t know what it is but I just really do not get along with them.

Their wide spread and high stopping power are often handy, but between shots you often have to pump it, like it was a super soaker for grown ups that fired lead pellets rather than water from the garden tap. This is inconvenient as the thing that you were shooting at often alerts its mates. This leaves you painfully defenceless as you reload, cartridge by sodding cartridge.

I much prefer the convenience of a rifle clip, gas canister or belt feeder that keeps the carnage down to a slightly lesser, but constant stream of death and self preservation.

This has however changed ever so slightly with my new favourite game (yes, I know, third blog mention in a row) Left 4 Dead.

The stopping power and wide spread is quite handy when you have a few hundred zombies filling your screen. Also you can reload whilst jabbing them in the balls with the blunt end of the gun and so you are no longer a defenceless vegetable waiting to be bent over and given unpleasantries.

This being said however, in my eyes, the rifles always win. Shotguns are essentially a lottery when it comes down to what you hit for what damage, due to the random directions the pellets like to take. Why risk not hitting the mark, when you can hit it dead on from 100 metres away with a good ol’ bullet.


t said...

I am a shotgun appreciater, a big fan of the buckshot, ever since the immortal double-barreled shotgun in Doom 2.

I see where you're coming from - shotguns aren't exactly suited to everyone's tastes and some would value precision over spread. I think that shotguns do have their place in games, especially Left 4 Dead, since zombies and shotguns go together like chalk and cheese.

I am, however, a fiend for that hunting rifle as well. Pops those super zombies like nothing else.

Anthony said...

Indeed. The hunting rifle is my preffered choice, but only if no one else has already nabbed it.

It can certainly lay down the pain, but it is not the most effective at clearing charging hoards unless they are standing in regimented lines.