Sunday, 5 October 2008

Nintendo trying to win friends?

My on going adventure into learning the internet has expanded a bit more as I have just purchased the domain name This means that it is a much more snazzy, more memorable address for those who want to access this piece of educated rambling. On the flipside of this, should the blog suddenly implode and be inaccessible temporarily, I have pressed the wrong button, and am frantically beavering away to rectify the unintended state of purgatory.

Speaking of the internet has made me think, how great is it really? Information at your finger tips sure is handy, but handy does not always mean good. Hearing about a bleak world ten times quicker than you would have done a decade ago, just means that people can get unhappier faster. A rather pessimistic approach perhaps, but it seems to be the way Nintendo has been playing for the past six months. After a disappointing E3 line up, that actually made the concept of playing catch with the Wii seem more enjoyable than playing the newly announced games, Nintendo needed a big hook to pull us back.

Well, they sort of have. As was posted the morning it was announced, Nintendo are bringing out a few surprises that will please more die hard fans, than the current waves of 'casual gamers'. A new Pikmin has been announced, possibly for the Wii, that should please the wide audience it found back in 2001. Along with this another DS has crawled out of the shadows to join the current two models in the form of the DSi. Larger screens, a slimmer profile, camera and SD card reader make this new edition stand out from it's older and slightly overweight siblings. It may just be a way for Nintendo to squeeze even more money out of the successful console, but it is not a bad thing if more people are thinking of joining the craze. It may be worth holding off buying a DS Lite until this comes out to take advantage of the added shininess.

The last piece of news delivered just after it happened was the slightly more disappointing 'Enjoy With Wii' collection. Basically the classics of yesteryear mangled and regurgitated with Wii controls and a new box. This digital recycling jobby is rather a let down for the self crowned 'hardcore' audience, who are demanding new and exciting titles. It almost seems as if Nintendo is stalling for time. Hopefully the future holds a more promising outlook, but for now we'll have to make do.

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