Saturday, 18 October 2008

Full Spectrum Bargain

To quote a really bad prostitute, "Just a quick one today" (legal note - said prostitute is imaginary, and I did not stalk the streets of Cheltenham last night looking for that insight).

I thought that people might be interested in knowing that the 2004 hit strategy game Full Spectrum Warrior from Pandemic Studios is now absolutely free. It is available from here and definitely worth a try.

The game sees you in the control of eight soldiers split between two squads. It appears to be a third person shooter, but it is actually a real time strategy game played from this perspective. The player has no direct control over the squads, but instead can order them to move, duck behind cover or shoot in the direction of the bad men. It's like you are in control of a soldier's nagging wife, as they often take a while to respond to your orders. There should be an audible 'yes dear' with every mouse click the amount of time they take sometimes.

The fact that there are two squads also makes for some interesting game play tactics, such as drawing the fire with one batch of men, whilst sneaking the others round the back route. It is a fantastic game and there is no other series out there that quite does it like this one.

The game maybe free, but it will definitely make you decide if you want a coke, or if you want to blow up the coca-cola headquarters, as it insists in cramming a thirty second advert for it down your throat at every turn. If you take too many bullets to the face and want to get back in the action, the last thing you want is to have a fizzy drink advert pressed into your eyes.

It is still techinically a free game though, so you can't really lose.

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