Thursday, 7 August 2008

One day late - a solid mistake

Whoops, looks like I finally missed a Wednesday without a valid excuse. This was not me being lazy, but instead I was distracted. I had work experience at a press office for the local district council, but this is not what pulled me away from my PC.

Yesterday I pushed through the big 90 minute ending cut scene of Metal Gear Solid 4 and all I can say is that the entire experience was immense, and I needed a cold shower afterwards. The game, in my opinion is a work of art, an amazing ending to a truly great series. I would not want to risk spoiling it for anyone, but at one point, being the hard nosed journalist that I am, I was nearly having to hold back tears.

More to the point though, it is amazing because it ties up all of the loose ends. Every niggling question about the Metal Gear series so far was answered and it had a very satisfying ending. Again, Kojima does wade so deep into a sea of 'WTF!?' that you need scuba diving gear to get through it, but everything does fall into place and is relatively easy to follow. Needless to say though, the nods to previous games and other bits that had me bouncing off the walls do make this game one of the best I have ever played through.

So that is why I missed my own deadline. After Metal Gear Solid 4, my brain simply stopped and fell into awe mode. It is very safe to say though that Solid or 'Old' Snake (as he is known throughout) has had his story come to an end. I still hope that there will be some more tactical espionage action in a few years however. The game mechanics in this series appear in no other games which really makes it unique. No one has done a Metal Gear knock off because it seems that getting it anywhere near that level of genius is a huge feat.

This game series is a truly ground breaking one. A little bit more gameplay would have been good, but I would in no way want that to impact on the length or quality of the cutscenes. I know that a lot of people have criticised the game for having drawn out scripted sequences in them. Some even called it a movie with a very interactive DVD menu. It adds so much more depth to the experience however. I really felt an impact when any of the characters did something, which is not a trait that I can put with many other games out there. This would definitely fall into my short list of 'best games ever'. Then again, I am a die hard fan, and so probably blinded by my unhealthy yearning for an old man wearing a skin tight rubber suit.

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