Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Taking some time out

I'm barely back two weeks when I'm taking yet another two week break from writing this seven-daily piece. "Oh no!", I hear the nameless hoards of the internet yelling. The reason for this is that I am going on holiday, escaping from the seemingly endless water fight that the clouds seem to be waging on England to somewhere a lot warmer. This two week getaway however will whisk me away from the gaming world, and many of the things I enjoy doing.

This isn't something that I am worried about because I am semi-normal and there are big bottles of beer where I am going. It does however mean that I shall be missing the big announcements coming up at E3 this July. This means that I will still have no idea why I should continue to support my Wii, after a long time of the little white box, tugging on my trousers wanting attention but doing the same old tricks. My hope is for a new Zelda title, but that could just be wishful thinking at this moment in time.

Another issue is my EVE obsession, which despite not logging in for a while, I still pay for religiously when the magic direct debit fairies lift the notes out of my bank account each month. Due to the game's system of training skills in real time, even when offline, I need to find a skill that will hold out for the two week period, and not expire before I return, just to get the most out of what I am paying for. I am also ashamed to admit that I am guilty of getting up at stupid times in the early hours to change a skill to minimise on potential time lost. It is an addiction, but unlike cocaine, I only lose bits of my nose if I am using the mouse in a seriously wrong way. I will have a tiny fix available however, as I was given the EVE novel to read over the holidays, which hopefully won't make me want to fill my eyes with sand and vomit up blood stained pearls.

I suppose that I will not be completely isolated from games, as my DS will probably be accompanying me. This said however, I have no idea what new game to buy, as the current chart toppers seem to be things like sight training and interactive cook books. Hardly the Metal Gear Solid and Super Smash Bros. style of gaming that I am accustomed to, in the age of extended audiences. Last year I made the mistake of buying Animal Crossing for the little folding machine, and got very bored and angry with it after accidentally destroying the turnip I had been nurturing for a week. I would consider getting Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass, but putting control 100% in the stylus is not an idea that I am comfortable with.

At the end of the day, I can live without games. I am going somewhere with plenty of sun, sea and beer, which should let my hands un-tense from the claws that gaming has grafted for me, meaning that I can come back and ruin them again after two weeks. This of course means that I will not be here to rave, rant and hint at anything game related, but the good people at Gamesradar seem to have that front covered if you need somewhere to go for it whilst I am gone. I suspect however, that if you were able to navigate the sickening beast that the internet has become to get here, you probably have a lot more interesting things bookmarked for your attention anyway. Enjoy!

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