Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Nintendo, *facepalm*

Coming back from my holiday, I felt like a little child, wondering what gifts I could expect on Christmas day as I eagerly searched the net for what had been announced for the Wii at E3. It is now very clear that Nintendo has become a beacon of horrific disappointment, playing the same song over and over again. I myself am now become a broken record as I say it for the trillionth time, what the hell is the Wii for?

Most of the advertising these days seems to be depicting gyrating mums and dads or children who have been torn out of a yogurt advert. None of them are depicting the slightly sweaty average guy who is screaming at his Wii, telling it to do something new as so many of us are. There is a decent amount of good games on the Wii, but the recent two offerings of Mario Kart and Smash Bros are starting to wear a bit thin.

Mr Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto has finally gone insane, and instead of coming up with something sensible, like an overweight plumber chasing dinosaurs, he is going to give the hoards of fans Wii Music. With this you can simulate playing drums with two Wii remotes, definitely making you look like you wished you had Rock Band. Whilst I have complained about games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero milking the fact that they are built around peripherals, they are fun because you do not need to imagine the drums or guitars.

I honestly believe that it is just a matter of time before Nintendo towers can not see natural light through its windows due to the stupid amount of money it is hauling in. Unfortunately this means that it might not be able to see the uprising coming when the crowed wants Zelda or Pikmin and then Ninty announce 'Wii Cook' or 'Wii Wash' or 'Wii Want Your Money'. E3 was a wasted opportunity for Ninetendo who honestly seem to be grinding a studded boot into the groins of all those loyal fans who made it what it was today.

The only feint glimmer of hope that left me with some sign of promise for the little white box that wants to be everyones friend was some new footage of Mad World, which wasn't even a Nintendo announcement.

I am honestly getting tired of flogging this dead horse, but no matter how much everyone who considers themselves a half way decent Nintendo gamer screams into the sky, it just seems that this trend of mediocrity is set to continue. Why pay a developer a lot of money to make a ground pounding title, when you can take a rubbish game that can be made in flash, but give it motion control so that the new audience of bored house wives and those with a control pad phobia will buy up every copy?

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