Wednesday, 21 May 2008

What will Wii do?

The Wii is currently grazing in its second year in the UK and I have really enjoyed the time that I have spent with it. I enjoyed the long rides across Hyrule field, the drives through Moo Moo Meadows, the fun we had playing board games with Mario and decapitating the zombies with headshots, side by side in Racoon City. Many a good time have been had, and I am looking forward to June the 27th when hopefully, Nintendo will allow me and my Wii to kick seven shades of God knows what out of Luigi in front of the Shadow Moses facility with Kirby when Super Smash Brothers Brawl finally reaches our shores. Beyond this however is a very dark shadow and it suddenly hit me, I can not think of a single title coming soon that is exciting me.

Trying to think of new Wii games coming out that sound mildly epic is harder than Rambo sealed in steel reinforced cement. I will admit that I have been a tiny bit out of the loop as of late doing those things that get in the way of games. What were they called again? Oh yes, exams. Despite this however, I am not a complete Luddite when it comes to knowing about stuff I want and so as I sit here tapping away, I need to reach quite deep in my skull to find excitement for any new Wii related gaming snippets.

The lack of news might mean that some big secret is in the pipeline, as has recently been speculated about by the folks at Gamesradar, but it could just be that the big N has been enjoying rolling in the bundles of cash that it is generating from DS and other sales.

If there is something new coming on the Horizon, it might be a truly amazing title that is being saved for a Christmas release. This would make sense as facing the Christmas market with anything less impressive than gold dust and super hi tech wizardry is like taking your company's reputation to a pig farm, cutting it up in to bite size chunks and then calculating how many pigs you need to eat and digest it in a single sitting. A console without a big Christmas pitch is one which will not last much longer. This might mean that something truly amazing like a new Zelda or a brilliant original title could be just around the corner. At the moment however, there is not much in sight.

One title that did manage to catch my attention was MadWorld which looks like the love child of Frank Miller's Sin City and Manhunt. The recently released trailer may give you an idea of what I mean. All I know is that a game that glorifies mutilation, and has a feature called 'Man Darts' must have some entertainment value. The chief concern that I have for this game however is that it might just turn into a case of walking up to person A, pressing a button which prompts an animation to kill them. I really am hoping that the controls offer depth and more choice and involvement in the bloody murder fest coming soon. Whatever happens, those people who sit by their phones ready to complain about anything slightly raunchy happening before the watershed, could possibly have a bit of a fit from the random violence this games looks to offer us.

The new Star Wars game, The Force Unleashed could also prove to be a worthwhile purchase, as the Wii version sounds promising. The lack of sexy graphics that the PS3 and XBOX 360 will enjoy is made up for by allegedly decent motion controls and a two player light sabre duel option. Being a fan of the later Jedi Knight series and their light sabre slashing action, carving things in half and instantly cauterising the wounds is an unpleasant, but very satisfying thing to do. Hopefully this chapter will get the evil Jedi controls and gameplay perfect allowing for bad guy carveries in the near future.

Whilst the future is not looking amazing at this current moment in time, Nintendo are never completely out of ideas. There are a lot of franchises that they can breath new life in to from previous consoles that have so far gone untouched on the Wii. There could even be some new ground breaking games which do not feature characters that are by now burned into our retinas through repetition. The industry is forever evolving, and so something big could be closer than we think.

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