Tuesday, 27 November 2007

A new blog is born

Hello everyone!

I have finally decided to throw myself into the mixed slurry of the blogging world, which I have a few pre-conceptions about.

I am here with a mission. I do not intend to write about how my feelings are affecting me, how a loved one has left me, or (in excruciatingly painful detail) diary the odd day in which something interesting happened to me, but the rest of the internet would rather circumcise themselves than read it.

Instead of spilling my daily goings on, I shall be blogging about one of my main passions in life, gaming. Not in the betting sense of the word, but rather in the way which utilises a computer of some kind, and more often than not, skill to master.

Reviewing games in this little dark corner of the internet will prove difficult and rather futile, as proper websites can have advance copies of said games, and not have to shell out cash for a copy when it hits the shelves. I only wish I had the luxury of bottomless pockets, and more to the point, bottomless cash reserves.

I will focus this on more 'feature' based ideas on the world of video games, giving opinion pieces, and perhaps spreading the word of some great things I can uncover in the week. There are some true gems out on the internet to find, and I intend to unearth the more relevant, non-disgusting ones, such as Deus Ex 3 teasers.

For the time being, I shall introduce myself. My name is Anthony, and I play games more than an unhealthy amount. The fact that I made it to university is nothing short of a miracle, and I hope to chase my fascination of games into a career one day. The print journalism degree I am working towards also helps to narrow my sights on the goal of cracking into video games journalism.

I particularly enjoy games where the ultimate goal is to kill something/everything. Hopefully this does not put me on the path of being a serial killer one day, as some of the worlds politicians would like us all to believe. That rant shall be saved for another day however.

My current favourite games are the Halflife series, Portal (pure genius by the way), Hitman: Blood Money (honestly, not a serial killer) and EVE: Online (internet spaceships). This is my list at the time of writing, and it will probably have already changed by tomorrow.

As far as my other internet activity is concerned, I am a writer for the EVE: Online fan generated magazine, the EVE Tribune.

My pseudonym when I play, or write online, is some variation of 'Desert Fox'. I picked the name when i was 14 because I thought it sounded cool. It was not until later when I realised my chosen online name was also shared with Nazi tank and field commander, Erwin Rommel. This does not deter me from using the name, but does make me consider my own taste a bit.

In the short term I intend to sex up this blog page a bit, and have a play around. New entries should appear weekly at the very most, but I am yet to completely figure out a schedule.


by Spencer Carroll said...

Hey Anthony. Picked up your blog come gamecareerguide and enjoyed reading it. Well, I enjoyed the text but the black on white was KILLER on my eyes..

Anthony said...

Yeah, I think I might have to revise the colour a bit. I do have a counter arguement for this though, and so I was trying this out as an experiment. People who use computers more tend to strain their eyes even more so they get used to it, but I will take this on board and try to find a better colour scheme.

Anthony said...

Ok, a bit of an update. I have found some different colours which might work better for the body text. If you could possibly select your favourite or recomend me another one that would be fantastic :)

Also, is it possible to put a different colour text box around each blog entry, but keep this current template?